Buyer's Tips

Buyer Do's: 

1.  Be informed, ask questions
2.  Understand the difference between Pre-Qualification and Pre-Appproval
3.  Avoid disappointment get a Pre-APPROVAL so you can really know how much you can afford. 
4.  Make sure that the financial institution you choose is reputable- check references and the BBB
5.  Make sure you recieve a Good Faith Estimate from your loan company,  in advance of closing (before buying your home).  They have to show you ALL of your costs of doing business with them on this form.
6.  Make sure there aren't prepayment penalties and if there are that you understand and agree to those terms.  
7.  Decide and discuss with your Realtor your needs in a home. (Make sure your Realtor is really listening.)  ie: Home Office, need for privacy, distance from work(& highways), schools, doctors, shopping.  Do you plan to change the size of your family within the home you will buy? will it accomodate those changes?
8.  You may find it helpful to first decide on what areas you prefer to live. Your Realtor can help with statistics, but it's up to you where you choose. Example consider:  The drive time to work, schools, do you want rural, suburban, small town, country living, etc. It's OK to not be sure, these are just things to ponder along the way.
9.  Work with a Full time Realtor who puts your needs first, not their second job.  Call them, meet with them, see how long it takes for them to return your calls. Ask for their credentials, areas of expertise and earned designations, and their hours of availability for you.                                                                                                                           
10. Call or email me for any questions!  330-518-1791

Buyer Don'ts:

1.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  The only stupid question is the one not asked. Feel free to ask as many times as you need until you can understand and/or remember the answer.
2.  Don't let anyone pressure you to buy in haste.
3.  Don't assume you know what you can afford, get that Pre-APPROVAL !
4.  It may be wiser/easier to work with a Realtor who isn't first a friend or family member if you won't be able to discuss any dissatisficaton or problems you may have. --Your decision.
5.  Don't assume that just because you see what appears to be a cheaper interest rate on- line that there aren't other costs you may not readily catch.                                             
6.  Don't assume a Realtor is working for you if you're having them show you their listing.  There is an Ohio Agency Disclosure Policy statement for you to read to help you understand how you are represented!  This form is in print, every office/Realtor has the disclosure for you to read and understand. 
7.  Don't hesitate to have a good discussion with your Realtor about your needs and wishes.
8.  Don't forget to have that HOME INSPECTION !  Just because something looks OK to you, it doesn't mean there can't be a problem.  A qualified Home Inspector can help you to be an informed buyer relating to the condition of the property you are considering purchasing. (Even if a home is brand new and constructed by the best, sometimes things get missed) The home inpsector is hired by you and is representing you and your best interest. They check a house top to bottom, inside and out, all systems, etc.
9.  Don't procrastinate if you have found the house that is the right one for you. It too often happens that there IS another buyer out there who is thinking the same thing as you are, but they wrote and got their offer accepted while you were thinking you could just "do it later".
10.  Don't hesitate to call me!  330-518-1791

Sher Wenowitz
Sher Wenowitz