Q.  How do I know if I can afford a house?

A. A good loan originator will ask you pertinent questions to help you learn how much you can afford. I will be happy to provide you with names of those experts who can help you.

Q.  How do I know a home's value?

A. To help you determine your home's value or a home you may be considering purchasing, I'll need to factor in many things, including the comparable size, condition, age, location of the house in question, and then check the market to look for similar homes for sold prices and length of time on the market, etc.

Q.  How do I know if a house is good for me?

A. We can discuss your current situation such as job location, size of family now and in the next 5 - 7 years, income, expenses, repairs or updates which may be needed in the house, etc.

Q.  How can I be sure it's in good condition?

A. One of the best ways to protect yourself is knowledge, which can come in the form of a good/certified home inspector.  I can help provide names or you can ask others for referrals, or even the phone book.  An important thing to remember is that you are hiring the home inspector and they are working for you.  Listen to their report about their observations. ALWAYS have a home inspection!

Q.  Which is better for me?:  a) spending more with updated already done  or
                                          b)  spending less with few or little updates

A. This is something that will also have to be judged on a one on one basis. If you're willing to do cosmetic (i.e. removing wallpaper, or painting, etc) you may be able to save money.  As a rule, buyers look for updated baths and kitchens, roofs, electric, furnace/A/C, etc. We can weigh cost vs. time.  Did someone over improve and is trying to get more money out of the sale than the improvement merits?  Have they let things go too long and will there be more repair and damage then you expect costing you more $ than you anticipate.  You don't want to go over the current market value (there could be rare expectations).  I'll be happy to help you and help you to find other experts to help you make an educated decision.

Q.  When should I contact a financial institution to check about a mortgage? and what type mortgage should I have?

A. Contacting a Loan Officer/Originator is something you can do at the very beginning because they can help you to know what you can spend.  They can inform you of their different programs and interest rates to help you make an informed decision.  If you need names, I can help.

Q. Is there and if so, What is the difference between a Pre-Approval and a Pre-Qualification?

A. To be pre-qualified is chiefly having a general qualifying conversation with the financial institution that then guesstimates what you can afford.  A Pre-Approval will be specific regarding your job, finances, credit score, etc and should give you the definitive end results for what you can afford. Caution though:  Don't have too many loan officers pull your credit. First shop around talking to different originators/loan officers comparing plans, rates and costs to you before having your credit pulled. Having your credit score checked too many times can lower your credit score and could possibly for some people make the difference between a loan or not!

Q.  How do I know how to choose the Realtor just right for me?

A. Choosing the Realtor who is right for you is a very important process because you want a Realtor who is there for you when you need, one whom you can trust, and one who knows and is passionate about Real Estate and helping you as their client!  Call or email, 2 or three times at different days and times and see how long it takes for them to contact you.  Ask them questions.  Does the Realtor answer knowledgably, with patience and respect?  Ask if they are a fulltime Realtor, the hours they work and are available to you and other customers. Ask them questions that are important to you. Also include questions such as number of buyers and sellers they have. What number is too many? What's too few? How much personal service do they provide and what services.  I hope to hear from you. I appreciate your business!




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