Staging & Selling Tips

Staging Do's:
  1. Take before pictures.
  2. Make a list of everything you need to do. 
  3. After you make a change stop to look at your progress. 
  4. If you like it-compliment yourself & whomever else helped!
  5. Feel free to call me.
  6. Remember we're selling your house not your possessions.
  7. Remember if we can't see it, we can't sell it.
  8. Throw of give away dead/dying scraggly plants. Have healthy/full plants. 
  9. This pertains to indoors and outdoors.
  10. Always keep your home inviting, fresh, neat  & clean.
  11. Remember you may not be able to detect your pet odors. 
  12. Have someone who doesn't live there (and won't be afraid to be candid!) 
  13. come in to help you check. "If you can smell it-you can't sell it".
  14. Feel free to call me. I can help you to remediate.
Staging Dont's:
  1. Don't forget to take the Before Pictures.
  2. Don't feel overwhelmed or stressed over your to-do list. 
  3. Don't come down hard on yourself if what you did doesn't have the desired 
  4. effect you anticipated.  Nothing's permanent- it can be changed.
  5. Don't hesitate to call me!
  6. Don't leave too much furniture in any one room.
  7. Don't take out so much furniture that the buyer can't judge the proportions 
  8. of the room. (ratio of furniture size to room size).
  9. Don't think of staging as decorating.
  10. Don't spend too  much money buying expensive new things.
  11. Don't try to MASK pet or other strong odors with strong air fresheners or 
  12. strong candles. Buyers will wonder what you're hiding.
  13. Don't hesitate to call me! I can help you to remediate a problem.

Sher Wenowitz
Sher Wenowitz