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Now that I've been a Realtor for quite a few years, and am currently with Realty Home Pride, I realize that I will have many different ways to truly be a great asset to my clients through my personal experiences, Real Estate and Staging training!

20 years of preparing my own homes for sale. I have NOT forgotten the urgency and stress a seller feels. I'd always "Staged®" my homes for selling before I knew what to call it and before I actually realized it was a profession.  I just knew that when my husband was transferred it was imperative for us as a family to have our house sold at a good market price and really quickly! Our homes normally sold by the 2nd or 3rdshowing. We are in our 10th home, and will no longer be transferred. As such, I am now available to entertain the idea of a home-based business. 

I decided to go the full process (took more hours of training) and be able to advertise my own separate business, and be able to "Stage" for anyone who needs or wants my help. It's my own business which I established to help homes sell 40% to 60% faster and for top dollar.  Hence, my business name and my motto:

To this date and to the best of my knowledge I'm the ONLY Realtor in this area who also provides staging services separate from being a Realtor. This enables me to stage homes for everyone; from other realtors, to everyday clients looking to enjoy their homes.


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Sher Wenowitz
Sher Wenowitz